A Directory of Inspiration, Perseverance and Hope

This is where the 'mind and soul' come together in providing sustenance for the 'body' in living with a disability, a chronic condition or just simple day to day stress . We're compiling information from various sources to provide you with profiles of incredible people who've overcome incredible odds as well as philosophical and spiritual observations, viewpoints and resources to help you keep your spirit motivated and positive when facing tough challenges to your overall wellness.

Please visit often as the directory grows with time. And if you would like to submit the name of someone you know who is a great example of positive spirit and perseverance and that we should feature, please send us an email to info@LauraAndWagner.com


 You Don't Look Disabled
  Paralympian Aimee Mullins @ TED
  about people's disabled attitudes


Echolocation guru Daniel Kish

  Randy Pausch and his 'Last Lecture'

  The legacy of Helen Keller


  Disabled Veterans Fight On
  US veterans must now battle to get
  disability benefits    

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  The remarkable art of Alison Lapper

 Videos - Music - Quotes

 The Healing Power of Music
 Melody Gardot healed from getting
 hit by a car via music therapy

  The challenges of seeing again

  The challenges of hearing again

  Inspirational quotes to live by

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