Choices For Healthy Eating For Body, Mind And Soul

We're compiling all sorts of information on this area that is one of the most important cornerstones in achieving overall wellness. Whether it be questions about high protein versus low carbohydrate or low fat diets or newly discovered information about the benefits or certain foods for certain conditions, we hope you find information that will be helpful for your personal needs.

This information is meant to help you raise your personal awareness level of issues related to healthy nutrition and is not meant to be a substitute for nutritional advice from your personal health professional or dietician. Please consult with them before making any changes to your current nutritional habits.


  The Benefits Of Chocolate
  Good news for your heart and also
  your liver in new studies

  Heart risk for high glycemic women

  Fish, nuts reduce Alzheimer's risk

  Higher vitamin D a lifesaver


  Gluten-Free Fricassee
  Inspired by the movie Julie & Julia,
  but cuts the artery-clogging butter   

  Microwave sweet potatoes

  Bison burgers with red pepper sauce

50 calorie coconut meringue cookies


 Revised Food Pyramid
 US Dept of Agriculture updates its
 eating guidelines to reflect our times

 Alcohol-free wine glaze for chicken

  Meat additives may harm dialysis

  Vegetarian sources of protein