Our collection of videos from various sources that we feel can help you to make informed choices about your nutritional needs and preferences. Use them as a starting point for discussion with your personal health professional. Please visit this page often as we add more videos to the collection.

Revised FDA Food Pyramid

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has revised its food pyramid for the first time in over a decade to reflect 'what we know now that we didn't know then'. Watch the video animation of the changes and how they affect you.

@mypyramid.gov: Inside the Pyramid

Alcohol-Free Wine Glaze For Chicken

Famous as the 'Galloping Gourmet', these days Graham Kerr focuses on healthy recipes and de-alcoholized options for many recipes that feature wine flavoring as an essential part of their appeal. In this video he prepare a chicken glaze.

@Taste of Health with Graham Kerr

Meat Additives Could Harm Dialysis Patients

 Additives in meat products know as 'enhancers' may not always be on the food packaging label. As this report from healthline shows, that could prove to be a dangerous consequence for consumers with kidney problems.

@Healthline.com: More on meat additive dangers

How To Get Plenty Of Protein As A Vegetarian

 If you've been thinking about trying a vegetarian diet but aren't sure how to make sure you're still getting enough protein, then this video is for you. One of the secrets is to learn to love beans because they provide heart-healthy fiber.

@HowCast.com: Follow these steps and you'll have protein to spare