A Directory Of Ideas To Help Improve Your Physical Fitness

Maintaining a good level of physical fitness can be a challenge for anyone, whether living with a disability or not. Because of the toll some disabilities can take on the body, it can be even more important to try to attain better fitness to improve longer term survival rates, or even more a healthier frame of mind to deal with special challenges.

Some disabilities require adaptive exercise regimes customized to the abilities of each individual. For that reason, we're constantly compiling a collection of ideas, philosophies and techniques from various sources to give you a broad menu of fitness options to choose from that are right for your needs and goals.

It's also very important to consult with your own medical professionals to make them part of your fitness 'team' before starting any exercise program so that you don't exceed safe and common sense parameters for your fitness needs.

Please visit this section often as it grows over time into what we hope will be a very useful resource for you to consult in evaluating, setting and achieving your fitness needs and goals.


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